Music is a vital part of any event. Be it a large dance party, formal cocktail function or a lazy afternoon bbq. Music is what helps to create the atmosphere and having the right choice in DJ can make a big difference on your event’s outcome. We love music and we know it’s impact on people which is way we do our best to pair up the perfect DJ for each events unique needs.

Make sure your event is a success with a great DJ to support the function by providing fun, energy and great memories for all your guests.

We offer a high-end premier services which includes everything from DJ & MC (all equipment and lighting provided).

EQUIPMENT: We pride ourselves on offering professional club audio sound equipment, including disco and party lighting to totally transform your venue.

MUSIC: Our music selection ranges from every era starting at 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, retro, Top 40, Dance, House, Progressive, Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B, Rock & Roll, and much more!

Our Extras

Smoke Machine Hire

Smoke machine creates a thick dispersion of smoke across the room. More for small kids disco’s where the kids are wanting to be “blanketed in smoke”.

Ambient Up-Lighting Hire

Lights for all occasion. We can provide you with a range of ambient LED up-lighting (mood lighting) for your event; be it a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or corporate event; in a small venue, a marquee of large venue.

Haze Machine Hire

Haze machine is a professional grade water based machine which creates a thin dispersion of haze to allow the best effect of any lighting in the space. This allows for the rays of light to be seen through the air.

Other Services

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